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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an unique, open and integrating destination, which allows visitors not only touring a city, but also living an exceptional urban experience.

In this section, we offer information for all those who wish to experience Buenos Aires: what a dinner guest to the home of a porteño needs to know, the most common expressions, the precautions you need to take, maximum and minimum temperatures of each month y many more.

The Río de la Plata and the Riachuelo are its natural limits to the East and to the South. The General Paz ring avenue, which surrounds the city from North to West, completes the limit of the city. This avenue rapidly links the Capital City with Gran Buenos Aires, a highly populated area. Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities of the world, a megalopolis, which together with the suburbs, exceeds 11 million inhabitants. It is also the most elegant and active city in South America and the one that summarizes the heterogeneous essence of Argentine people the best. With a modern structure and dynamic activity, it has managed to preserve old traditions and unforgettable corners. Visitors are fascinated by its environment, the different character of each neighborhood, the kindness of its people and also by the wide range of business and cultural offers. Buenos Aires is surrounded by the splendid Argentine nature and it is the great cosmopolitan door to South America.

The Province of Buenos Aires invites you to the countryside and its traditions, the sun and the sea, the peace and the adventure, the delta and its mysteries. There are estates featuring a variety of architectural styles, where you may breathe history and folklore, and which are located in the middle of the Pampas plains with the magic of a vast area of far-off horizons. Kilometers of sand caressed by the Atlantic Ocean, endless dunes, both lonely and not so lonely beaches, sophisticated and eclectic nights. The peaceful golf greens, the vertigo of paragliding and the adventure of trekking, everything is possible in the hills of Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana, which are very different and distant from the mouth of the Paraná River, where countless islands also encourage you to relax and live unexpected adventures.